Vantrue OnDash S1 Dash Cam

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  • Front and Rear Hidden Dashcam
  • Single 4k Dash Cam
  • Built-in GPS with Live Speed Display
  • 24/7 Hours Parking Mode
  • Heat Resistant Super Capacitor
  • Reliable Witness for Accident
  • Easy to Install

Vantrue OnDash S1 Dash Cam

NearLy 360°wide angle

The almost 360%wide angle contributes to wider field of view. Covers up for 4 lanes, less blind spot and geting ful protection.

Vantrue OnDash S1 Dash Cam

2160P 4K Recording

The single front recording captures crystal clear video at 4k 2880x2160P@24Fps, which provides a clear icense plate even at high speeds

Vantrue OnDash S1 Dash Cam

Dual 1080P Front & Rear Recording

The front and rear cameras simultaneously capture the road front (170%) and rear (160°) in crystal detalils at FHD [email protected] noproblem to pick up the license plate and road sighs.

Vantrue OnDash S1 Dash Cam

Sony Night vision

Equipped with F.4 wide aperture lens and sony starvis CMos, the dual-lens dash cam captures important details clearly under low lighiconditions.

Vantrue OnDash S1 Dash Cam

24 Hours Parking Mode

Triggered by the motion sensor, both cameras wi automatically record when people or things come closer in front of the vehicle

Vantrue OnDash S1 Dash Cam

High Dynamic Range

The HDR technoloay helps produce vibrant and clear image,lmproving image quality When driving at night time and in low ight levels

Vantrue OnDash S1 Dash Cam

Emergency Lock

Variable sensitivity G-sensor Auto detects a collision and emergency locks the videos to the “event file” to prevent that from an overwrite.

Built-in GPS

Tracking the exact driving route, speed (in KMH or MPH), and location on Google Maps via our Windows and Mac compatible GPS viewer.

Heat Resistant Super capacitor

The super Capacitor as power source instead of ithium battery which can withstand extreme temperature from -49f to 158’f,that prevents the risk of overheating and exploding and extends the reliability and life span of the camera.

Vantrue OnDash S1 Dash Cam

Loop Recording

Seamless loop recording creates video clips to1 /3 /5 minutes.The newest unlocked videos willreplace the oldest videos when memory card is gonna full.

Vantrue OnDash S1 Dash Cam

Vantrue OnDash S1 Dash Cam

Vantrue OnDash S1 Dash Cam, a powerful single 4K recording solution designed to provide exceptional clarity and complete protection on every journey.

Single 4K Dash Cam for Crisp Details:

Experience the next level of video clarity with the single front recording capturing exceptionally clear footage at a resolution of 4K/24FPS. The F1.47 wide aperture and upgraded Starvis CMOS sensor ensure crucial details, such as road signs and car plates, remain highly legible. The enhanced HDR night vision operates seamlessly, delivering brighter images and recording videos even in low-light environments, providing peace of mind on the road.

Front and Rear Hidden Dashcam – 100% Protection:

Simultaneously capture the road ahead (170°) and behind (160°) in crystal-clear detail at FHD 1920x1080P@30fps with front and rear cameras. The discreetly mounted hidden camera, positioned behind the rearview mirror, provides optimal field of view for safe driving. This hidden dashcam remains virtually unnoticed while ensuring comprehensive coverage without missing any details. Additionally, it supports 1080P@60fps for smoother and sharper images.

Built-in GPS and Live Speed Display:

Equipped with a sophisticated built-in GPS module, the dash cam enables real-time monitoring of driving speed. Track your driving route, speed (in KMH or MPH), and location on Google Maps through our user-friendly Windows and Mac compatible GPS player. In the event of an accident, this comprehensive data becomes valuable additional evidence.

24/7 Hours Parking Mode:

Experience continuous protection with motion detection parking mode. Both cameras auto-record and save important events when the front dash cam motion sensor detects moving objects. The low bitrate recording mode enables the dual lens dash cam to record at 720P+720P@15fps continuously for 24 hours in parking mode, providing a safer parking environment. (Hardwire Kit ASIN: B07HQ6D8RG)

Reliable Witness for Accidents:

The variable sensitivity G-sensor auto-detects collisions and emergency locks the videos to the “event file” to prevent overwriting. Seamless loop recording automatically overwrites the oldest file when the card is full. Time-lapse captures photos at set intervals and auto-edits them into a video clip. Benefit from a full 18-month warranty, email responses within 24 hours, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Support up to 256GB microSD card (Vantrue microSD Card B081M5JR2C).


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