Vantrue Element 2 (E2) Dash Cam

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  • 2.7K Upgraded Rear Camera
  • Wi-Fi 2.7K Front + 2.7K Rear Dashcam
  • Hands-free Voice Control
  • 5GHz Wi-Fi and GPS
  • 4 Parking Modes for 24/7 Protection
  • Reliable Witness for Accident
  • Easy to Install

Vantrue Element 2

Voice Control | 1944P+1944P | Built-in GPs | 5G Wifi | Wireless Hotkeys | WDR|CPL (Optional) | Parking Mode

Vantrue Element 2 (E2) Dash Cam

Why choose Vantrue Element 2 dash cam?

  • It offers strong performance and stability with the new generation of Novatek’s high-level chipset.
  • This dashcam system features two cameras, providing full visibility from both the front and back of the car.
  • High image quality and super night vision are guaranteed with the cutting- edge Sony Starvis IMX335 500M ultra- clear CMOS image processor.
  • The unique 2596x1944P super HD resolution presents a wider and more detailed road landscape and captures license plates clearly.
  • CPL polarizer is supported, expertly handling reflected light and providing improved picture quality.
  • It comes with a dedicated Wireless Hotkey remote controller, allowing you to capture wonderful moments quickly and easily while driving.
  • WDR dynamic technology presents image details perfectly.
  • With 5G high-frequency Wi-Fi, you can set up the dashcam through your smartphone once connected, and easily view and download videos.
  • Voice control makes everything easier and hands-free. It supports several languages (English, Japanese, Russian, and Chinese).
  • The dash cam features a 2.45-inch display with a drop- and scratch-proof 2.5D glass screen.
  • A built-in RTC maintains all the settings for 2 months of non-use.
  • The supercapacitor allows the camera to withstand the most extreme temperature conditions.

Front: Sony StarVis 5MSensor+WDR

The E2 dash cam, using the SONY sensor, captures the front andrear at 2596 x1944P 25FPS with stunning detail that can clearlyshow license plates or road signs at a distance during both theday and night. The unique 2596x1944P super HD resolution showsa wider and more detailed road landscape with greater clarity.

Vantrue Element 2 (E2) Dash Cam

Super Night Vision

With the SONY STARVIS lIMX335 Sensor, it can capture more details in ultra-low light conditions at night on dark roads.

Vantrue Element 2 (E2) Dash Cam

24 Hours Parking Mode

Four parking-detection modes guard you 24/7 while parking. The dash cam should be hardwired to use the parking modelHardwire kit sold


Vantrue Element 2 (E2) Dash Cam

WiFi Connect & APP Control

Connect your phone to your dashcam using the Vantrue App to easily adjust the settings on your smartphone. With 5G high- fregquency Wi-Fi, you can easily view and download videos.

Vantrue Element 2 (E2) Dash Cam

Wireless Hotkey

The wireless hotkey remote controller makes switching audio and saving videos quicker and easier. Take photos and capture emergencyvideos in the Event files folder with a single click. With these hotkeys, you’ll never miss another moment.

Vantrue Element 2 (E2) Dash Cam

Vantrue Element 2 (E2) Dash Cam

Voice contro!

Its advanced voice control feature enables you to take photos, mute/unmute the microphone, stat/end recording, and lock videos withhands-free commands available in multiple languages (English, Japanese, Russian, chinese). safeguard your privacy anytime, anywhere.

Vantrue Element 2 (E2) Dash Cam

GPS Recording and Tracking

With the duaksystem GPs module, the dash cam records your route and driving speed accurately in videos. You can later track your route by playing back the videos on your phone or computer.

Loop Recording and G-sensor

Loop recording ensures that the dash cam automaticallyoverwrites the oldest videos when the sD card is full, allowingit to continue functioning without interruption. Meanwhile,the built-in G-sensor automatically preserves criticalvideos in the Event File to prevent them from beingoverwritten.

Extreme Temp Protection

The E2 dash cam is equipped with a supercapacitor, ensuring the camera can endure the harshest cold and extreme heat conditions,making it a safer choice compared to battery-powered dash cams.

Vantrue Element 2 (E2) Dash Cam

2.5D Glass Screen

Featuring a 2.5D glass panel with a Mohs hardness rating above 7H,91% super light transmittance, and an anti-drop design.


The Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology automatically balances exposure and light dark spots to capture greater detailin the darkenhancing visibility in low-light conditions and ensuring safer and more reliable nighttime driving.

Vantrue Element 2 (E2) Dash Cam

Special Magnetic-Assist Mount

The E2 dash cam mounted on the windshield using a 3M adhesive mount.The front camerd’s mount features an innovative maanetiostructure desian, making it easy to remove the front dash cam when needed.

Vantrue Element 2 (E2) Dash Cam, where cutting-edge technology meets unparalleled clarity for your driving safety. This compact yet powerful dual-channel dashcam boasts dual STARVIS sensors and an upgraded chip, capturing crystal-clear 2.7K+2.7K@24FPS images simultaneously from both the front and rear cameras. With a 160° field of view for each camera, minimize blind spots and gain a wide perspective covering up to 4 lanes of traffic.

2.7K Upgraded Rear Camera for Comprehensive Protection:

Innovatively equipped with a high-resolution rear camera of up to 2.7K (2592*1944P), the E2 provides full driving safety protection not only from the front but also from the back. Enjoy clear 2.7K rear-end recording video evidence, surpassing the norm of 1080p, and offering enhanced protection against false claims in the event of a rear-end collision.

Hands-Free Voice Control for Enhanced Convenience:

Experience hands-free control with simple voice commands in English, Japanese, Russian, and Chinese. Control functions include taking photos, managing Wi-Fi, screen, audio settings, video locking, and switching between front and rear cameras. Focus more on safe driving with a safer and more comfortable driving environment.

Faster 5GHz Wi-Fi & Built-in GPS for Seamless Connectivity:

This pocket-sized dual dash cam features faster 5GHz Wi-Fi, enabling quicker viewing and downloading of videos through the free Vantrue App. Share your journey on social media with ease. The built-in GPS embeds information such as speed, longitude, and size in the video. Track your route in the Vantrue App and the VANTRUE GPS player on your computer.

4 Parking Modes for 24/7 Protection:

Experience comprehensive protection with buffered motion detection, saving 15 seconds before and 30 seconds after an event. Choose low bitrate for video recording at 1080P 15FPS or 720P 15FPS, or opt for low framerate mode to save storage space. Activate 24hrs parking mode with a hardwire kit (sold separately, ASIN: B083XB8T7T) for continuous surveillance.

Reliable Features for Emergency Recording:

The included wireless remote control allows for the efficient saving and locking of important videos and photos while driving, ensuring a distraction-free and safer driving experience. The built-in G-sensor instantly records and locks video to the event folder upon collision detection, preserving critical evidence. Seamlessly looping video ensures constant recording without the risk of running out of storage.

Night Vision 2.0 & Lifetime Customer Care:

Experience enhanced low-light night vision in parking mode, providing a clearer and brighter image of the surroundings in low illumination conditions. Enjoy a lifetime warranty service for the dashcam and free replacement within 18 months. For a longer rear camera cable (29.5ft), contact the Vantrue support team for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the voice commands on Vantrue e2?

Voice commands (available in English, Japanese, Russian and Chinese) supports: take photo, turn on/off Wi-Fi, turn on/off screen, turn on/off audio, lock the video, video start, show the front/rear camera, show both cameras etc.

How do I turn on my Vantrue e2?

Once connected to the car charger, the camera will auto power on after you start your car, it will auto off 5s after you turn off the car engine if it is recording. It will auto off once unplug it on standby mode.

What are the best settings for Vantrue E2?

It should be said that the Vantrue E2 supports a maximum resolution of 2596×1944 pixels, or 1944p. This is a 4:3 format and it will only support a frame rate of 24 frames per second (fps) when both cameras are running. We therefore recommend setting the resolution to 1440p (2560×1440), which will run at 30fps.


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