Vantrue Element 1 (E1) Dash Cam

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  • 2.7K + HDR
  • Built-in 2.4G WiFi & Mobile APP
  • GPS and Speed Tracking
  • Hands-Free Voice Control
  • 24-Hour Parking Mode
  • Reliable Witness for Accident
  • Easy to Install

Element 1

1944P |Voice Control | GPs Optional | wiFi | Bluetooth | Optional CPl | Parking Mode| supercapacitor | 512GB

Vantrue Element 1 (E1) Dash Cam

Full HD Recording

Based on the Sony lMX335 sensor and advanced Fl.55 aperturefront lens, single front dash camera only records roads aheadat up to 2.7K(2596 x1944P 30FPS)tocapture license plates.

Vantrue Element 1 (E1) Dash Cam

Super Night Vision

Unique high dynamic range (HDR) technology automatically balances exposure and bright/dark points to capture more details in the dark, greatly providing night vision capabilities in low-light environments and making night driving safer and more reliable.

Vantrue Element 1 (E1) Dash Cam

24 Hours Parking Mode

With 4 parking detection modes available to set, guarding you 7/24 hours while parking. (Hardwire kit sold separately)

Vantrue Element 1 (E1) Dash Cam

WiFi Connect & APP Control

Connect to your dashcam with the Vantrue App to adjust settings, check the view from the front and rear cameras or transfer files to your mobile device.

Vantrue Element 1 (E1) Dash Cam

Bluetooth Remote Control

The Bluetooth remote controller makes the audio switch and save videos more easier.Short press button for capturing an emergency video to the Event files; Short pressagain for snapshot a photo. You won’t miss any moment even at a high speed.

Optional CPL

Vantrue CPL Filter can reduces glare and reflectionsin bright daytime and helpmake clear video.(CPl sold separately)

GPS Recording and Tracking

your phone or computer.(GPs Mount sold separately)With the bult-in Gps module,the dash cam records your route and driving speed. You can track your route when playing back videos on.

Vantrue Element 1 (E1) Dash Cam

Loop Recording and G-sensor

The loop recording makes the dash cam overwrite the oldest videos when the sD card is ful,so the dash cam can continue working. Thebulilt-in G-sensor can help you automatically lock the video to “Event file” to prevent that video from an overwrite.

Vantrue Element 1 (E1) Dash Cam

Extreme Temp Protection

The El dash cam is equipped with a supercapacitor, which is an advanced form of battery that allows the camera to withstand the most frigid cold and intense heat.

Vantrue Element 1 (E1) Dash Cam

Special Magnetic Assist Mount

The magnetic assist mount makes the dash cam more easy to install and more stable on windowshield.

Vantrue Element 1 (E1) Dash Cam

Why choose Vantrue Element 1 dash cam?

  • Lower power consumption and more resistance to heat with upgraded Novatek High-Tech Chip
  • Featured with cutting edge SONY 5 million ultra-clear photosensitive image processor.
  • 2.7K High Resolution will capture license plates easily even in low light environments.
  • HDR high dynamic technology presents image details perfectly.
  • 2.4G/BT4.0 High-frequency Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module
  • CPL polarizer supported, optimize invalid reflected light, improve picture quality.
  • Support up to 512G SD card.
  • Dedicated Bluetooth remote control, catch wonderful moments in time.
  • Voice control makes everything easier with hands free. Supported a fewlanguages.

Tiny Dash cam

The mini and compact design will never obstruct your vision while driving.

Vantrue Element 1 (E1) Dash Cam

Vantrue Element 1 (E1) Dash Cam

Vantrue Element 1 (E1) Dash Cam, a mini but powerful device designed to capture crisp footage and provide you with indisputable evidence in the event of any incident. Discover the advanced technology packed into this pocket-sized powerhouse.

Mini But Powerful:

The E1 supports a maximum resolution of 2.7K (2592x1944P) and 1920x1080P@60fps, ensuring crystal-clear footage with detailed information, especially in fast-moving incidents. Equipped with a top-quality CMOS sensor, F1.8 aperture lens, and HDR technology, it minimizes noise, reduces motion blur, and enhances night vision for optimal image quality. Capture number plates and obscure details crucial for evidence.

Built-in 2.4G WiFi & Mobile APP:

Connect seamlessly to our free mobile app via WiFi on Android or iOS smartphones. View your camera live, download videos, track GPS data, and change settings with ease. The app allows you to edit and share footage effortlessly, enabling you to share your journey on platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook with just a tap.

Dash Cam with GPS and Speed Tracking:

Keep track of your driving route, location, and speed with the built-in GPS. Access GPS data through the phone app or PC, providing indisputable evidence in insurance cases.

Hands-Free Voice Control:

Enhance convenience with hands-free voice control (available in English, Japanese, Russian, and Chinese). Speak commands to save video, take photos, start/stop recording, turn on/off audio, and control WiFi/screen settings while keeping your hands on the wheel and focusing on driving.

24-Hour Parking Mode:

The E1 automatically switches to Parking Mode when your car is parked, offering protection against hit and run incidents or theft attempts. Collision Detection & Buffered Motion Sensors trigger the dashcam to record the slightest impact or movement, providing ultimate peace of mind. Activate Parking Mode using a hardwire kit (sold separately, ASIN: B083XB8T7T).

Indisputable Evidence:

The built-in G-sensor automatically senses impacts/collisions, saving emergency videos to a locked folder for added security. Utilize the Wireless Controller for quick control of emergency videos, capturing pictures, and toggling recording on/off.

18 Months Warranty:

Featuring an advanced Type-C USB port for convenient data transfer, a built-in supercapacitor for extreme weather survival (-4°F to 158°F), Time-Lapse Recording, and Loop Recording for efficient use of storage. Supports up to a 512GB memory card (Sold Separately, Vantrue SD card recommended). The magnetic mount allows easy detachment without cable hassle. Enjoy the peace of mind with an 18-month warranty.


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