Dash Cam for Car

Welcome to our comprehensive collection featuring all Vantrue Dash Cams, designed to meet a variety of in-car recording needs and preferences. Explore a range of high-quality dash cams renowned for their advanced features, superior video quality, and reliable performance, ensuring an unparalleled driving experience.

Key highlights of our all-encompassing Vantrue Dash Cams collection include:

1. Diverse Selection: Discover a variety of models suited for different preferences and requirements, catering to both basic and advanced in-car recording needs.
2. High-Definition Recording: Explore dash cams known for their exceptional video quality, capturing clear and detailed footage, crucial for documentation and security.
3. Innovative Features: Experience an array of functionalities such as loop recording, G-sensors, parking mode, and wide-angle lenses, ensuring constant surveillance, impact detection, and a broader scope of recording.
4. User-Friendly Design: Benefit from intuitive interfaces and easy installation, making these dash cams accessible and hassle-free for all users.
5. Durability and Reliability: Vantrue dash cams are designed for longevity and reliability, ensuring continuous and robust performance under various conditions.
Whether you’re focused on safety, documentation, or simply seeking to enhance your driving experience, our Vantrue Dash Cams collection offers a diverse array of options. Find the ideal dash cam tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

Dashboard Cameras With Live Stream Capabilities

Dash Cams are great for recording what’s in front of you while you’re on the road. This recorded data can be used as evidence in case of a road accident, such as a full-on freeway collision or a parking lot mishap. But today’s fleet of Dash Cams isn’t just portable video cameras that snugly attach to your car’s windshield or dashboard. You can find high-tech dashboard cameras with live stream capabilities, allowing a parent to monitor his or her child’s driving behaviors or a business owner to monitor the driving performance of employees who operate company vehicles.

Ultimate Safety Features for Your Drive

In addition to being able to tap into your dashboard camera’s feed in real time, today’s Dash Cams come with other nifty features. With options like GPS and Wi-Fi connectivity, you can monitor your vehicle from remote distances. These ultimate safety features for your drive make Dash Cams a cost-effective solution for owners of both commercial and private vehicles. And to make modern Dash Cams even more effective as a safety accessory for your ride, many of today’s models have motion sensors, which automatically switch on the camera when motion is detected around your car.

24-Hour Surveillance for Every Part of Your Car

The latest Dash Cams also come with highly powerful battery packs, from which the camera draws power when the car’s engine is switched off. This yields 24 hour surveillance for every part of your car. Our fleet of Dash Cams also come equipped with the highest video resolution to help you make out even the smallest detail on your video recordings. Our Dash Cams also have lock file buttons and G-sensors that protect your recordings from damage or accidental deletion.Nowadays, Dash Cams aren’t just options – they’re must-haves for every vehicle owner who wants to prevent break-ins, vandalism, and hit-and-runs. Arming your car with a Dash Cam can deter these common crimes and make it easier for you to make an insurance claim after an accident.


More than a novelty, a dashcam can produce video evidence of an accident or traffic violation committed by another motorist. It’s like having an impartial witness in the passenger seat. Therefore, such footage can have entertainment value as well as actual value.

Most dash cams use a loop recording system that continuously records video footage onto a microSD card. This means that once the card is full, the oldest video footage is automatically overwritten by the newest footage. This ensures that you always have the most recent footage available.

It’s a common concern among car owners who want to install a dash cam for added security on the road. The good news is that most battery-powered dash cams are designed to consume very little power, so you don’t have to worry about them draining your car battery.

Dashcams can still provide valuable surveillance even when your car is off. With the ability to operate in standby mode, these cameras can continue recording and safeguard your vehicle, capturing any incidents or suspicious activities while parked.

Dash cams are legal in every state! However, there are specific rules to follow for your dash cam to be legal, and those laws vary by every state. One concern that makes a huge difference is the recording of audio. You can wind up in legal trouble if you record audio in your vehicles without driver consent.

Can I use a dash cam without WiFi? Yes, you can use a dash cam without Wi-Fi by utilizing Bluetooth connectivity as an alternative. In addition to Wi-Fi, some dash cams offer Bluetooth functionality, allowing you to connect and interact with the dash cam using your smartphone or other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

If you want to avoid hardwiring, you can either use an external battery pack, or you can connect it to a USB port or lighter port in your car.

The answer is yes! Some dash cams come with an additional parking mode that can capture footage even if the vehicle is stationary. This is very useful if someone drives into your car when you’re not in it, or even for capturing thieves who could cause damage to your car during an attempted break-in.

Bluetooth technology offers a quick and easy way to connect your dash cam with your smartphone. You simply turn on Bluetooth in both the camera and your phone, then pair the devices just like you would with wireless headphones or speakers.

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