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Vantrue is known for providing high-definition video recording, typically at 1080p or higher resolutions, ensuring clear and detailed footage.

Loop recording means that when the storage card is full, the dash cam automatically overwrites the earliest recorded video, ensuring continuous recording of new driving data. Users don’t need to manually delete files as the system manages storage automatically.

Yes, some Vantrue dash cam models support parking monitoring, allowing continuous recording even when the vehicle is parked to capture any unusual events.

Video files can typically be viewed and saved by inserting the storage card into a card reader or using the provided cable to connect to a computer or smartphone. Ensure that the device and software drivers are correctly installed.

A dash cam is a device installed in vehicles to record video, audio, and other data during the vehicle’s operation. It provides evidence in case of accidents, protects your rights, and offers crucial information when needed.

Vantrue is a brand specializing in automotive electronic products, dedicated to providing high-quality dash cams to meet users’ safety and convenience needs.

Vantrue dash cams typically feature high-definition recording, loop recording, collision detection, night vision, and other fundamental functions. Advanced models may also include GPS positioning, parking monitoring, and driving assistance.

Installing a Vantrue dash cam usually involves mounting it on the vehicle’s front windshield and powering it through the car’s electrical system. Refer to the product’s installation manual for detailed steps and precautions.

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